Friday's To Do List:

1. Have lunch with Heather to tell her I'm going to have a baby!

2. Make sure dinner is ready and on the table when Tony gets home.

3. Try to survive the beating I'll get when it's not.

After a difficult childhood with abusive drug-addicted parents, Kate jumped into marriage a charismatic man she loved...and who loved to control her.

Kate barely survived the last beating her husband gave her, and lost her precious baby in the process. It was enough to shatter her soul into a million pieces..

It took a charismatic Irish psychologist to take Kate in hand and show her that life was worth living. But it wasn't until a fateful trip to Ireland and Scotland that Kate discovered love was worth having.

But can a shattered soul find its pieces to love again?

This book contains TRIGGERS for brief mentions of child abuse, spousal abuse and loss of a child.

Soul Shards was formerly published as Heart Shaped Shards.

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"I only drink to forget."

The problem was, Heather always forgot to stop drinking.

She didn't mean to become an alcoholic, but it seemed like a good idea after Patrick, aka "the Irish bastard," broke her heart.

But she was maintaining, handling it. Doing well with her job working for her best friend in the music business.

Everything was fine.

Until the Irish bastard came barreling back into her life, saying he still wanted her...and this time he meant forever.

Can he help Heather realize that "forever" means beyond the bottom of the bottle?

TRIGGER WARNING: Soul Pieces contains references to abortion and alcoholism. While the story has a HEA, readers with these triggers should be aware of such.

Formerly published as Drowning in Blues.

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